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A Fulfilling, Mobile & Self-Reliant Life - Free Of Injury From Falls - Is Possible

Group Otago is a transformative CDC-backed exercise program proven to proactively reduce falls by 35% that enables adults to improve their strength & stability.

An evidence-based solution with excellent fidelity, Group Otago has dosage embedded in the program & clear guidance on progression that can be safely delivered in a group format.  

What Makes Group Otago Unique?

  • Group Otago utilizes 17 powerful balance & strength exercises, done twice a week in a fun group (vs. 1:1)
  • Backed by science, created & vetted by the highest Otago experts in the country 
  • A truly unique collaboration between the Therapist & Instructor; classes meet 2x week; get feedback on progress every 8 weeks 
  • Join us as a Group Otago expert to significantly increase the number of lives that can be improved by this powerful fall reduction tool
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The Group Otago Difference

What is group otago?

how the program works

Group Otago is a scientifically proven fall prevention exercise program designed to improve strength, balance, and confidence in older adults. It utilizes 17 targeted strength and balance exercises delivered in a fun and social group setting. Extensive research shows that Group Otago can significantly reduce fall risk by up to 35%.

Otago University in New zealand was where this group of exercises was compiled, researched, and validated to be so effective in fall reduction. And that’s where the name comes from, pronounced – ‘Oh-taw-go.’
In 2010 Otago was brought to the US and the CDC tasked the University of North Carolina with getting it implemented into our healtcare system. Dr. Tiffany Schubert lead this project and is an active mentor to our team in developing Group Otago. While the original Otago Exercise Program had Otago being delivered 1:1 with a physical therapist as a part of the therapy plan of care. But over the last decade there has been a preponderance of evidence to show that limiting this program to a 1:1 model is not necessary. That’s why we created Group Otago, to get this powerful program to the masses!
  • Initial screening for fall risk using the CDC’s STEADI fall risk toolkit
    • Participants are assessed fo readiness for readiness in the Group Otago program
  • Otago exercises are completed in a group lead by a Group Otago trained instructor
    • 8 weeks /2x/week, 1hr exercise sessions
  • 30 minutes walking 3x/week completed independently
  • Post 8 wk. session screening of participant for fall risk
    • Participants are reassessed for progress
  • Group Otago classes resume for 8 weeks 2x week followed by fall risk assessments

How about EVERYTHING you need to whip up a storm of change and bring this cutting-edge, evidence-based fall prevention program to your facility! Our all-inclusive package includes top-notch training, protocols, materials, AND direct access to Kele Murdin, the mastermind behind Group Otago. With us, you won’t just be flying solo. We’ve got your back every step of the way! If you have the passion, we’ve got everything else you need to improve the lives of older adults!

Show up for your community in a fun new way!

  • You can perform your role either in person or virtually online!
  • May participate in STEADI fall risk assessments every 8 weeks
  • Oversees individualization of group protocol based on GO algorithm
  • Review the data input pre/post scores
  • Be a resource for instructors through class duration (PRN)
  • Time commitment is only 1-2hrs every 8 weeks after the initial training
  • Participate in STEADI fall risk assessments every 8 weeks
  • Collaborate with therapist on STEADI fall risk assessment results for individualization of the group protocol
  • Teach class 2x/week
  • Coordinate sign-up for the Group Otago class

Instructor & Therapist collaborate to apply the protocol, perform the STEADI Fall risk assessment and work together to individulize the group protocol.

The therapist can perform their role either in person or virtually online.

Adding Group Otago to your life

Group Otago & You

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Therapists & Instructors

Be the conduit for life enhancing improvements in a fun group setting outside the constraints of the healthcare system.

Become a certified Group Otago expert to apply your unique skills & knowledge to positively improve the lives of our aging community members.

Instructors & Therapists collaborate to teach the protocol, perform the STEADI Fall risk assessment and work together to individulize the group protocol.

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Improve your community’s well-being by adding this proven, CDC-backed, exercise program to your facility.

Brining Group Otago to Your Facility:

The class will need space for up to 20 people to perform group exercises 2x/week for 1 hour

Facility advertises & manages sign up (Group Otago provides flyers)


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Come join a transformative exercise program that will enable you to improve your strength & stability in order to live confidently independent!

You will participate in cutting-edge fall prevention – in a fun group setting – while receiving the best science can offer.

Practiced by hundreds of happy clients, Group Otago reduces fall rates by 35%!

Learn more about how you can bring Group Otago to your community.

Love love this. It has helped me so much!

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