Hello, I'm Kele

With 24 years as an award-winning PT, Kele is a nationally renowned expert in Optimal Aging

Group Otago|About Kele
Group Otago|About Kele


Hello, I am Kele Murdin, Founder of Group Otago. I am thrilled you are here & am excited to share how to lead a life free of falls through this amazingly powerful, exciting, new model of the evidence-based fall reduction program of Otago. First, a little about my life’s journey & why I am on a mission to help thousands live a fulfilling, mobile & self-reliant life.  

With 24 years as an award-winning & nationally recognized physical therapist, I am passionate about helping others become the strongest version of themselves possible.  I am a nationally renowned expert in Optimal Aging, a board certified Geriatric physical therapist, Certified Expert in Exercise for Aging Adults, and a Geriatric Trained and Certified Clinical Specialist.  At the heart of my work is a passion to deliver a proactive, evidence-based group exercise program that enables every client to reach new levels of courage & freedom for a life fully lived.

This passion has help lead me to receive recognition from my profession: in 2019 I received the “PT of the year” award from the WA state APTA, then in 2020 I was chosen as the state’s Centennial Scholar leadership program, and in 2023 I was chosen nationally for the “Clinical Impact Award” from the Geriatric Section of the APTA. In 2023 I received the WA State Department of Health “Outstanding Fall Prevention Safety Advocate” award in the Evidence Based Fall Prevention Exercise Instructor Category. I have been vetted by my professional organization, as well as my community and deemed to be an outstanding leader.  

As a physical therapist the skill I teach older adults often relates to basic function. Let’s say, the ability to stand up out of a chair without anyone helping you. And when that skill is learned, that opens a world of independence for that person. Being the conduit of that learning is SO rewarding. I get to radically improve people’s lives with the knowledge and skill I have learned through years of study (see word salad after my name). I love this work, how lucky am I to get to help you live a better life, and for me that’s so much more powerful than giving you your tennis game back.

Building on this driving powerful goal, over the past two years I have honed my focus on the CDC-backed fall preventative exercise program that enables older adults to improve their strength & stability – Otago – which was designed to proactively addresses the national health crisis caused by falls. And I am honored to have been personally selected by Dr. Shubert – the person responsible for disseminating Otago in the US for the CDC – to hyper-scale the system from 1:1 to 1 to Many. To be able to move freely through life, and fully experience all that it has to offer, is the key to a more full & meaningful life.

Join me in this amazing journey that is backed by science, trusted by the CDC & loved by all.  I can’t wait for us to begin this exciting work together!

Kele Murdin