Fall Prevention Training for First Responders


Providing first responders with the necessary training & tools to respond effectively to falls. In this 3-hour session, we will provide training on evidence-based tools supported by the CDC and how to utilize them effectively. We will specify the exercises that should be included and discuss methods for evaluating individuals at higher risk of falling.


Equipping older adults and caregivers with skills to effectively respond to falls when they occur.  Are you clear on what the most common fall risks are? Do you have tools to address them with your clients? In this 3-hour session, we will train on the CDC-backed evidence-based tools & how to effectively use them. We will define exactly which exercises should be offered.  How to evaluate if  people are at an increased risk of falls

Who This Is For:

Front-line healthcare providers working with older adults including EMTs, Paramedics, Community Paramedics, First responders, Social Workers & anyone who helps navigate aging in place for older adults.

The Training Flow:

A 3-hour interactive discussion with hands-on training, discussion & collaborative problem-solving.


Define & communicate the desired topics and details about the role of your caregivers for a customizable training.


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