Ageing Strong – Fitness For Older Adults


Already committed to regular exercise, but seeking guidance to ensure you are targeting the most effective exercises to enhance your strength, balance, and stability? Our 45-minute personalized exercise coaching aims to optimize your mobility, agility, and independence through tailored workouts. By fine-tuning your exercises, we will emphasize the proper intensity, form, and frequency for maximum benefit.


Already doing exercise regularly but looking for guidance to make sure you are focused on the right exercises to maximize your strength, balance & stability? Our 1:1 exercise coaching is designed to ensure you get the most mobility, agility & independence from your exercises. We will help you hone your exercises to focus on the correct intensity, form & dosage.

This Is For: Older adults, or family members who want support for exercise intervention. Exercise intervention can include: Strengthening, balance training, mobility training, transfer training, aerobic training, or other related wellness areas

What Our Coaching Sessions Look Like:

Our coaching services are typically a 1:1 or 1:few activity as they are individualized recommendations. All necessary visual aids will be provided to ensure everyone has everything they need to continue these activities on their own. 



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