In-Home Fall Risk Assessments


An in-home assessment to identify fall-risk hazards and make suggested improvements to create a secure and safe living environment. After a thoughtful tour of the home, we provide a thorough outline of all recommended adjustments to significantly enhance the safety of the home environment, promoting peace of mind and a higher quality of life.

Implementing the home updates will ensure that the homeowner can navigate their home with greater confidence to foster a sense of independence and well-being.


Tailored assessments and adjustments enhance home safety and decrease the likelihood of falls. Studies highlight that strength, balance, and the living environment are the top factors that can be modified to reduce fall risks. Let’s evaluate your surroundings and provide straightforward modifications to create a secure, safe living space for you and your clients.

Who Can Benefit from This?

This service is ideal for residents, their families, or caregivers who acknowledge the need to address environmental factors that could increase the risk of falls. While homeowner approval is necessary for any alterations, concerned friends, family, or caregivers can initiate the process.

What Our Session Covers:

  • A home tour, either in-person or virtually
  • Primarily focusing on the main living areas used by the resident – living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and entry/exit points. We aim to understand the resident’s daily routine by discussing:
    • Morning routines
    • Dressing location
    • Walker placement throughout daily activities (showering, cooking, watching TV, etc)
    • Household tasks (laundry, cleaning, pet care)
    • Stair usage during housework
  • We analyze these activities and suggest adjustments to the environment for enhanced safety. While we provide guidance on grab bar placement and cost-effective purchasing options, installation services are not included


After the In-Home Assessment package is purchased, Kele will send a session questionnaire to the resident or caregiver via email to ensure a well-prepared, time-efficient session.


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